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Five tips to scale up agility

We had a really great session with our customers on how to increase the agility of our organizations. We see many organizations in our country adopting Scrum or Kanban at an IT level. In reality however we also see that it is difficult to scale up agility to the corporate level and yet this is where the true value lies.

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Agile Is Dead (Long Live Agility) - PragDave

Great post by one of the founding fathers of the Agile Manifesto on 13 years of Agility.

How true :) cheap comes at a high price

How true :) cheap comes at a high price

The key to building a great team - YouTube

How to increase trust to improve teamwork. 4 simple yet difficult rules.


What if a self-organizing team fails?

It’s a question a lot of us might be reluctant to ask. After all a self-organizing team is a great thing. Unfortunately though self-organization can and has gone horribly wrong. In my opinion this is often caused because companies fail to implement a few ground rules for self-organization.

Every team needs leadership
We often refer to sport teams in analogies about self-organization. However conveniently we fail to forget that every winning sport team has a winning coach. I believe every good team needs good leadership. Someone who will inspire and coach the team, someone to push the team forward and set high expectations for the team. Without such a person a team is not likely to excel.

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The seven design smells of rotting software


Hopefully your projects start with a good idea of what the future software system should look like. To have this clear design picture in your mind and in the minds of your team is vital. And if you are lucky the clarity of this design will make it in to the first release. But then something happens and the software starts to smell like a piece of bad meat. Although no developer intends this to happen, changing requirements that need to be implemented quickly and may be made by developers who are not familiar with the original design philosophy  starts to degrade even the best designs. In this document I go in to the seven smells of rotting software and what you can do to avoid rotting from happening.

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Aug 6

I’ve switched jobs

In September 2013 I will be starting as Senior Technical Consultant and Head of the Competence Center at Bergler ICT. After working at PAT Learning Solutions for nearly 9 years it was time for a change of scenery. At Bergler I want to bring my passion for software development to good use again and help our customers to build software quicker and with higher quality by implementing agile processes.

At PAT Learning Solutions Jeroen Wernsen and Jeroen Habets will be taking over my responsibilities. With the both of them PAT is ready for the future and I am confident they will do great.

Design patterns: a variation to specification pattern


Specification is a very useful way of abstracting the business logic of selecting objects out of objects performing actions. In our software for example we register personal skills, but only archived personal skills should not be returned when asking for a persons active skills. Before you know it this logic could be spread out in the application in all the locations where personal skills are loaded, making it difficult to maintain and increasing the chance of an error.

This post describes a variation of the specification pattern in combination with entity framework.

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May 2

Design patterns: command pattern

In our pizza sessions we are currently looking at a variety of design patterns. I am a big fan of using design patterns because they provide best practices for a lot of software development issues. One of the simplest but very powerful design patterns is the command pattern. Basically the only thing the pattern dictates is that there is a command interface (or base class) that states that objects implementing the interface should have an execute method. The great thing about this pattern is that now the object that needs something to be done doesn’t have to know anything about the object performing the action. All it needs to know is that there is going to be an execute method.

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How we organized nearshoring


In January of 2013 we’ve started a team of software developers in Minsk. We did this because we needed more flexibility when it comes to up scaling our workforce and found it difficult to find good developers in the Netherlands.

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